Work Attitude and Values Enhancement (W.A.V.E.) Training Program

Having the proper work attitude and enhancing your values is key to being a high performing individual contributor. Learn how to perform better and excel in the corporate world with the WAVE Training Program.

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The positive work attitude and aligned values that employees possess and demonstrate is crucial to an employer’s success. It is therefore wise for a company to enable its workforce to be better, not only at work, but also in their personal lives.

The W.A.V.E. (Work Attitude and Values Enhancement) course aims to guide the participant through an individual’s corporate journey of developing one’s personal mission-vision and life goals, the efforts in aligning these with the company’s, and the resiliency to stand by one’s personal values & principles during times of change, making sure there is consistency.

In the end, participants revisit their work outlook & perspective and decide to either renew their resolve to strengthen these or to become better by making a commitment to change and improve themselves further.


Frontliners, Staff, Supervisors, Managers, and Executives who would like to know how to improve their individual productivity and increase their positive contributions within the organization, while striking a harmonious balance with their personal goals and values at the same time.


6 (minimum) to 12 participants (maximum)


8 hours / day


  1. Explain the different personality tests used to understand behavior
  2. Create and explain their mission and vision statements
  3. Enumerate the Values that employers look for in the workforce
  4. Explain the ways how to improve and manage performance
  5. Demonstrate how S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting is done


  • Plenary discussions
  • Group tasks
  • Lecture
  • Individual work
  • Reflection
  • Debriefs


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • About the Course
    • Objectives and Overview
    • Expectation setting
    • House rules
  • Know Others, Know Yourself (Awareness)
    • Personality Styles
      • The Four Temperaments Theory
      • Marston and Geier’s D.I.S.C. Personality Traits
      • The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator
    • Let’s S.W.O.T. it out
      • Your Own Mission-Vision-Values (The Compass)
  • Attitude and Work Environment
    • Employer-Employee Match
      • Your Employer’s Mission-Vison-Values
      • Your role in the company (Job Title vs. Job Task)
    • Are you compatible?
      • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
      • Herzberg’s Factors on Dissatisfiers & Motivation
    • Alignment
      • Tips for You and the Office
  • Values and Priorities
    • Top 10 Values that Employers look for
      • Impacting the organization
      • Managing Performance
        • Time Management & Prioritization
        • Proactivity & Results Orientation
        • Continuous Improvement & Innovation
        • Customer Service Mindset & Empathy
      • Your Character and Decision-Making
      • Being S.M.A.R.T. in Achieving your Goals
      • Adapting without Compromising (Changes in the Workplace)
  • You and Resiliency
    • Being Resilient
    • Tips for Bouncing Back: Stress Management
    • Revisit your Goals, Evaluate your Direction
      • What to Start, Stop, Continue
  • Summary and Wrap-up


Work Attitude and Values Enhancement (W.A.V.E.) Training Program

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