Leadership Skills for Project Managers

Project Managers are both managers and leaders with the latter being the more important. Yet oftentimes we lack the skills to lead the team and the stakeholders to ensure project success. We know how to manage projects, but we lack the capability to influence everybody to row in the same direction. This course provides the project managers with knowledge on the necessary leadership skills to get things going and the project moving towards success. Learn how to influence and engage with stakeholders. Learn how to motivate your team. Learn to be a real leader in your projects.

For PMI-certified professionals, earn 8 PDU’s on the LEADERSHIP track of the PMI Talent Triangle. Meet your PDU requirements with us!

At the end of this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Describe Leadership in the context of projects
  • Describe the 11 Principles of Leadership and how it relates to their projects
  • Apply different motivational techniques to manage the project team
  • Apply different tools to manage stakeholder engagement
  • Apply the steps of Transformational Leadership to their own projects

Course Outline

  • Leadership 101
    • What is a Leadership?
    • What makes a person a Leader?
    • The impact of leadership in projects
    • The Project Manager as a Leader
    • Sources of Power
  • Principles of Leadership
    • The 11 Principles of Leadership
    • Applying the 11 Principles of Leadership in the project environment
  • Motivating your team to succeed
    • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
    • Herzberg’s Hygiene Theory
    • McClelland’s Theory of Needs
    • Vroom’s Expectancy Theory
    • Yerkes-Dodson Law (Arousal Theory)
    • The Flow
  • Leading your stakeholders
    • Analyzing stakeholders using a Power-Interest Grid
    • Analyzing stakeholders using a Salience Model
    • Managing stakeholder engagement using a stakeholder engagement chart
  • Transformational Leadership
    • What is Transformational Leadership?
    • Steps to becoming a transformational leader
    • Create an inspiring vision of the future
    • Motivating people to buy into and deliver the vision
    • Managing delivery of the vision
    • Build ever-stronger, trust-based relationships with your people

Who should attend

Course Fee is inclusive of AM/PM snacks, lunch, access to the xworks learning management system, digital course materials, and course certificates.

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