Managing Stakeholders Effectively

The success of any project or endeavor is highly dependent on how good we manage those that are impacted by our actions. Managing Stakeholders Effectively is a two-day intensive course aimed to provide the participant with the skills and competencies needed to become effective at managing stakeholders. This course includes both the soft skills as well as industry accepted tools and techniques to manage stakeholders effectively.

At the end of this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Describe what is a stakeholder and stakeholder management
  • Perform stakeholder identification and analysis
  • Describe the importance of expectation setting, effective communications, negotiation, diplomacy, power, and the value of integrity in managing stakeholders
  • Apply the skills in managing stakeholders effectively to the workplace

Course Outline


  • Introduction
    • What is a stakeholder?
    • What is stakeholder management?
    • Identifying and Assessing stakeholders
      • Where to look for stakeholders?
      • Assessing the different stakeholder types
        • Supporter
        • Neutral
        • Unaware
        • Resistor
  • Activity – Identifying Stakeholder Types
  • Stakeholder Attributes
    • Power
    • Interest
    • Impact
    • Influence
    • Urgency
    • Legitimacy
  • The Power-Interest Grid
  • Activity – Power – Interest Grid
  • The Salience Model
  • The Stakeholder Register
  • Online Activity – Kahoot!
  • Activity – Creating a Stakeholder Register
  • Managing Stakeholders
    • The Issue Log
    • Activity – The Issue Log
    • Expectation Setting


  • Effective Communications
    • What is communication?
    • The three C’s of communication
    • Active Listening
    • Cultural Awareness
    • Managing Meetings
  • Activity – Written Communications
  • Activity – Oral Communications
  • Negotiation
  • Activity – Negotiation Role Play
  • Forms of Power
  • Diplomacy
  • The value of Integrity
  • Online Activity – Kahoot!
  • Activity – Role Playing
  • Summary and Wrap Up

Who should attend

  • Project Managers and Project Leaders
  • Community Relations Officers
  • Public Relations Officers
  • Employee Communications Officers
  • Anyone who deals with multiple stakeholders either internally or externally