Courseware Design and Development

We provide courseware design and development to organizations who need to have their old coursewares / training programs updated or for those who need totally new courseware developed for their internal needs.

Most organizations cannot afford to have their own training / learning & development departments. This means subject matter experts are left to develop courseware without proper knowledge of good Instructional Design. These result to ineffective courses that do not achieve the level of results expected from them. Some organizations also suffer from using old training courses that have never been updated since it was first developed. These result to outdated examples, old verbage and jargon, and inappropriate examples. We’re quite sure you don’t want to see PowerPoint Clipart again.

We are one of the few training and consulting companies who can offer courseware design and development simply because we do our own courses from the ground up. Attend our public courses and experience how good we are at what we do.

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