Courseware Redesign

Resurrect your old courses and make use of existing technology and practices. We can help you make the most use of all your existing course programs.

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Over the years, organizations tend to collect a lot of training material that they constantly use and reuse. It comes to a point wherein updates have been long overdue, examples and activities are so outdated, and participants are so used to the learning style it becomes ineffective. But then, amidst all these, no one really has the time and effort to update the training courseware.

This is where we come in to help. We can do a full redesign of your existing courseware in order to make it more up-to-date. We can incorporate advances in technology that bring a new dimension to your learning. This can increase the interest level of participants and promote better participation which leads to more effective learning. We can also help “complete” existing courseware that are basically just slides and include instructor guides in order to make them easier to cascade to other trainers.

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Organizations need to have a subject matter expert to provide content for course redesign


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