Death by PowerPoint-do’s and don’ts of slide presentations

Learn the tips and tricks of making better slide presentations. Develop professional looking slides.

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So many deaths have been recorded regarding how good concepts, valid business cases, and million-dollar sales pitches all fail because of improper use (and abuse) of slide presentations. The message never comes across because it is buried beneath countless useless slides and unnecessary clip art. Death by PowerPoint is a one-day course that helps the participant become a more effective presenter by enabling him to make better slide presentations. Participants are taught what makes bad presentations as well as how to make good ones.  Taught by professionals who have used slide presentations on a daily basis for years, you are guaranteed to learn real-world application of slide presentations.

At the end of this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Discuss the different ways a slide presentation is improperly done
  • Discuss the different ways a slide presentation is properly done
  • Differentiate good slide presentations versus bad slide presentations
  • Apply the concepts of proper slide presentation in his workplace

Course Outline

  • The evolution of slide presentations
  • Common reasons why people die during presentations
    • Lengthy slides
    • Busy slides
    • Bad Fonts and Color
    • The man from Clipart
    • Animation Addiction
    • Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V
    • Text-to-speech
    • Using PowerPoint when you shouldn’t
  • ACTIVITY: Post-mortem
  • Designing your slides
    • Purpose
    • Presentation Medium
    • Sections and sub-sections
    • 1 concept 1 slide
    • Controlling the flow – breadcrumbs
    • Controlling the flow – colors
    • Controlling the flow – visual cues
    • When and how to use images
    • When and how to use animation (clue – not often)
    • The power of Infographics
    • Summarizing your thoughts
  • Nifty Tips and Reminders
    • Guy Kawasaki’s Rule
    • Using the Slide Master / Templates
    • Embedding Audio and Video / How to embed audio and video
    • How to use animation
    • Custom Animation
    • The Presenter View
    • Pens and Highlighters
  • Alternative Applications
    • Keynote
    • Prezi
    • Other Applications
  • ACTIVITY: Create your own presentation

Who should attend

  • Instructors, Trainers, and Facilitators using slide presentations
  • Business Executives and Managers using slide presentations
  • Technical resources
  • Sales and Marketing resources

Course Fee is inclusive of AM/PM snacks, lunch, access to the xworks learning management system, digital course materials, and course certificates.

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