Delivering Presentations that Stick

Present with confidence! Learn to deliver presentations that stick! PowerPoint not necessary.

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Get your message across! Be a powerful presenter. This two-day workshop focuses on enabling the participant to deliver presentations that stick and are effective. It zeroes in on the most basic (but often unused) concepts of presenting and gives the participant practical tips on creating his or her personal presentation style. By completing this course, the participant will have added to his arsenal of communication tools to present in any situation, from the elevator to the shark tank. A must for business leaders everywhere.

At the end of this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts of presentations
  • Know how to prepare for presentations of any kind
  • Know how to deliver the best type of presentation
  • Experience conducting presentations to a live audience
  • Conduct and receive live feedback on their presentation skills

Course Outline

  • The basics of presentations
    • Your mantra on presentations
    • Types of presentations
    • Learning styles
    • Andragogy
  • Developing your presentation
    • Understanding the constraints
      • Location
      • Duration
      • Medium available
      • Number of Participants
      • Demographics
    • Formulating your content
      • Modular Approach
      • Spiral Approach
      • Holistic Approach
    • Maximize your medium and tools
    • The 4P’s in presenting
  • Conducting Presentations
    • Your first 30 seconds
    • Reeling them in
    • Your last 30 seconds
    • Common pitfalls in presenting
  • Presentation Drills
    • Elevator Pitches
    • Sales Presentation
    • Boardroom Presentation

Who should attend

  • Business Leaders, Executives and Professionals
  • Sales Executives, Supervisors, and Managers
  • Technical Managers who need to conduct presentations
  • Any professional who would want to have presentations that stick

Course Fee is inclusive of AM/PM snacks, lunch, access to the xworks learning management system, digital course materials, and course certificates.

Training Schedule

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2 days

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