Innovation through Design Thinking

Learn to innovate by learning design thinking techniques. Creativity welcome but not necessary.

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The ability to innovate and solve complex problems has been identified as core skills needed by employees in today’s Industry 4.0. Organizations need to be more agile in order to stay relevant. Design Thinking helps people and organizations address these. This one-day workshop is based on the IDEO model of Design Thinking – the most widely accepted approach worldwide. Participants go through all the stages of Design Thinking and are introduced to various designer tools to help them come up with solutions to help solve the needs of their customers and organization.

At the end of this course participants should be able to

  • Explain what Design Thinking is and how it helps people innovate
  • Understand the user’s situation with the use of an Empathy map and a Customer Journey Map
  • Create an actionable Problem Statement with the use of a POV Madlib
  • Generate ideas with the use of a Mind Map
  • Describe the iterative concept of Prototyping and Testing
  • Describe how Design Thinking integrates with concepts such as Lean Startup and Agile
  • Apply the concepts of Design Thinking in creating a new product or service

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Activity – Stoking
    • The 4th Industrial Revolution
    • Innovation is a must
  • What is Design Thinking
    • Design Thinking Defined
    • Design Thinking Mindsets
    • The IDEO Approach
  • Empathize
    • What is Empathize
    • The Empathy Map
    • Activity – Creating an Empathy Map
    • The Customer Journey Map
    • Activity – Creating a Customer Journey Map
  • Define
    • What is Define
    • The POV Madlib
    • Activity – Creating a POV Madlib
  • Ideate
    • What is Ideate
    • The SCAMPER Model
    • Other Idea Generation Techniques
    • The Mind Map
    • Activity – Creating a Mind Map
  • Prototype
    • What is Prototype
    • Why we Prototype
  • Test
    • What is Test
    • Why we Test
    • How to Test with users
  • Summary and Wrap-Up
    • Build-Measure-Learn Loop
    • Integrating Design Thinking with Lean Startup and Agile Concepts
    • Activity – Development and Presentation of Innovative Concept

Course Duration

  • 1 day

Delivery Methodologies

  • Lecture
  • Team based activities
  • Plenary Discussions

This course is recommended for

  • Project Managers, Project Leaders
  • Marketing Managers, Business Development Managers
  • R&D Managers, Product Development, Product Management, Service Delivery Managers
  • Business Unit Heads, General Managers
  • Anyone who wants to be more innovative in the workplace

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