Leadership skills for the future

Leaders today need new skills to navigate in this chaotic world. Equip yourself now.

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The world has changed, and is becoming more chaotic. The skills that leaders have been taught before are now becoming irrelevant and hardly usable. Leaders need new skills to face the new challenges. This course provides the participant with an in-depth look at new skills such as Maker Instinct, Dilemma Flipping, Bio Empathy and more. Based on the work of Bob Johansen (Leaders make the future), this course will sure be an eye opener even to the most seasoned leader.

At the end of this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Explain the major shifts in the project environments from the last decade
  • Use VUCA as a means of identifying project scenarios and environments
  • Use the SIFT model to respond to ever changing needs
  • Describe the ten new leadership skills that are needed in an uncertain world
  • Apply the new leadership skills in the current project environments

Course Outline

  • Scanning the environment – what has changed?
    • Changes that occurred in the last decade
    • This is not your older brother’s projects
  • We are in a VUCA world
    • What is VUCA?
    • Are your projects in VUCA yet?
    • The weather is changing for leaders
  • Making sense of it all
    • Using the SIFT model
  • New Leadership skills needed in a VUCA world
    • Maker Instinct
    • Clarity
    • Dilemma Flipping
    • Immersive Learning Ability
    • Bio Empathy
    • Constructive Depolarizing
    • Quiet Transparency
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Smart-Mob Organizing
    • Commons Creating
  • Putting the pieces together
    • Applying the skills to your strategic objectives
    • Concluding everything

Who should attend

  • Junior and Senior Level Managers
  • Project Managers and People Managers
  • Leaders who are looking at how leadership has changed to meet the needs of the new millennium

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2 days

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