Negotiating for results

Learn the art of negotiating using a principle based approach. Achieve win-win situations that encourage cooperation more than competition.

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The art of Negotiating has been thought of as a skill reserved only for those doing sales or procurement. However, the truth is that everyone negotiates more than we make think we do. We negotiate with our bosses, our colleagues, our staff, and pretty much everyone we work with. This course provides the basic principles and techniques of negotiations to enable the participant to transform this skill into an art.

This course is highly activity based and would require high levels of participation in order to fully learn how negotiations work.

At the end of this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Describe why negotiations is both a skill and an art
  • Apply the proper method of negotiating to people they interact with
  • Apply and respond to various negotiation techniques taught in this course

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Activity: Negotiating with Poker
    • Negotiation as both an Art and Science
  • Why can’t I negotiate well?
    • The Problem with Positions
    • Principle-based versus Position-based Negotiations
  • Principle Based Negotiations
    • Activity: The Rent
    • Separate People from the Problem
    • Activity: The Job Offer
    • Focus on Interests, not Positions
    • Activity: Selling the Kitchen Sink
    • Generate Options
    • Activity: The Divorce Settlement
    • Use Objective Criteria
  • What if they are more powerful at negotiating?
    • Activity: Hostile Takeover
    • Developing your BATNA
  • What if they won’t play?
    • Negotiation Jiu-jitsu
    • The one-text procedure
    • Activity: Team-based Negotiation
  • Negotiation (dirty) tricks and techniques
  • Wrap up and closure

Who should attend

  • Supervisors and Managers
  • Customer Service Employees
  • People who have high levels of people interaction
  • Business Leaders, Executives and Professionals

Training Schedule

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1 day

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