The Art of Consultative Selling

Sales is not just about getting a product in front of the customer and haggling on prices and features. Learn how to sell services and customized products that result to long term customer-supplier relationships

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Learn how to sell anything thru consultative selling. This highly interactive gamified course immerses each participant into the art of consultative selling by simulating various scenarios of a sales person. While consultative selling is most appropriate for service industries, a lot of manufacturing and product-based companies have been leveraging on the power of selling the customers’ needs instead of their wants. Consultative selling also prepares you to take on the modern challenges faced by sales people as they are flooded by competition in a global marketplace.

At the end of this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Explain what consultative selling is and how different it is from traditional selling
  • Describe the sales cycle used in a consultative selling process
  • Describe the selling techniques in consultative selling
  • Recall some of the basic questions to ask in validating if a solution is workable
  • Apply the consultative selling concepts in an actual scenario
  • Describe the common challenges faced in consultative selling and how to address them

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Case: Sell me this pen
    • Traditional Selling
    • Consultative Selling
  • The Consultative Selling Process
    • Generic Consultative Sales Cycle
    • Solution Selling
    • A Service Mindset in selling Products
  • Consultative Selling Techniques
    • Positions where the “salesman’s” job is predominantly to deliver the product
    • Positions where the salesman is predominantly an inside order-taker
    • Positions where the salesman is also predominantly an order-taker but works in the field
    • Positions where the salesman is not expected or permitted to take an order but is called on only to build good will or to educate the actual or potential user
    • Positions where the major emphasis is placed on technical knowledge
    • Positions which demand the creative sale of tangible products
    • Positions requiring the creative sale of intangibles, such as insurance, advertising services, or education
  • Role Playing – Consultative Selling Scenarios
  • Common Challenges in Consultative Selling
    • Timing
    • Product Not Fit
    • Not because you’re right means he’ll buy

Who should attend

  • Sales Associates and Managers
  • Front liners and Field Sales
  • Pre-Sales Personnel
  • Consultants / Business Analysts
  • Business Leaders, Executives and Professionals

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