Train The Trainer with ADDIE

Learn how to design, develop, and deliver training courses the right way! This course is for subject matter experts, HR and L&D personnel who need to learn how to deliver excellent trainings.

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This two-day course is designed for today’s corporate trainer. It gives the trainer not just the skills to deliver powerful and effective trainings, it also provides him with a complete picture of proper instructional systems design using the ADDIE methodology. The participant goes through the methodology but focuses on proper course delivery which is the key competency needed for corporate trainers. This course is also specifically designed for people who are subject matter experts in their technical fields and equips them on the skill required to translate that expertise into effective trainings. This course is activity-packed and lets the participant experience how trainings should be done.

At the end of this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Describe the ADDIE Methodology and its different phases
  • Explain the concepts of adult learning and the different learning styles
  • Conduct a Training Needs Analysis
  • Develop a simple course design
  • Apply the techniques of using good visual aids in developing courseware
  • Apply the Trainer’s toolkit in managing the training
  • Apply practical tips in controlling the participants
  • Describe how to handle difficult participants
  • Describe how evaluate training courses
  • Evaluate oneself in his/her ability to conduct trainings

Course Outline

  • The world of corporate training
    • Why are trainings needed in the workplace?
    • Is training the right solution?
    • The three resources needed to conduct trainings
    • Andragogy – Adult Learning
    • The ADDIE Methodology
  • Analysis
    • What is the business goal?
    • What performance / behavioral change is needed?
    • Methods of Needs Analysis
  • Design
    • Design with the End in Mind
    • Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Evaluation
    • Bloom’s Taxonomy
    • Developing Learning Objectives
    • Designing the course flow
  • Development
    • The cost of Classroom Training
    • Effective use of Presentation Slides
    • Job Aids / Cheat Sheets
    • Reference / Supplemental Material
    • Proper use of Video
    • Hands-On Activities
    • Trainer Guides
    • Gamification Techniques in course development
    • Making Technical Trainings Less Technical
  • Implementation
    • Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction
    • The Trainer’s Toolkit
    • Controlling the Training
    • Handling Difficult Participants
  • Evaluation
    • Using Pre and Post Tests
    • Creating Level 3 to Level 5 evaluations
  • Practical Application
    • Course Preparation
    • Course Delivery and Critique

Who should attend

  • Corporate Trainers, Learning and Development Professionals
  • Subject Matter Experts required to conduct training
  • Members of the training department
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to design, develop, and deliver courseware

Course Fee is inclusive of AM/PM snacks, lunch, access to the xworks learning management system, digital course materials, and course certificates.

Day two of this course requires the participant to prepare a five-minute presentation on a topic of his/her choice which he/she will present in the class. Each participant can use whatever visual aid or learning strategy he/she feels appropriate. After each presentation, a critique will be performed by the facilitator. Participants can take videos of their performance for reference purposes.

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