Corporate Trainings

We provide management level corporate training for companies who would like a different approach to learning. Our PMP Review Course is the best in the country. We also provide Design Thinking courses not found elsewhere. Our focus is on management, leadership, business, and training & development related programs.

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Courseware Design and Development

We help companies improve their current courseware to take advantage of the latest trends and techniques in courseware design and delivery. We can help you transform your teacher-centered, slide driven, and lecture heavy courses into learner-centered, activity based, and uber fun courses that your participants will remember and learn from.

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Consulting Services

Let's face it, sending your team to training is not always the answer. Your organization might have bigger challenges that you need help on. We provide a variety of other ancillary consulting services to help your organization succeed.

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Why choose Crossworks

Crossworks is committed to help you develop your future leaders today.

We take pride in our ability to provide you with courseware that is beyond the traditional. Our courses are designed from the ground up taking into consideration the appropriate learning strategies needed to ensure that the learning objectives are achieved and the participants are highly engaged. We also incorporate game design concepts and activity based learning whenever possible.

Subject Matter Experts + Master Trainers + Excellent Instructional Design = Crossworks Courses

Most training organizations only have Subject Matter Experts. You would be lucky to have those with good Trainers or good Instructional Designers. Take our courses and see if we have all three.

Crossworks is a training & consulting company based in the Philippines

Stay Ahead

Contact us and get a free assessment on your organization's learning and development needs. We would love to hear from you and we're sure you'd be just as excited so see how we can transform your organization.