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Because each organization's needs are different

We get it. Your company has specific requirements. We’re here to help. Crossworks can conduct customized training programs with your specific learning objectives. We create customized trainings in the following ways:

In House Standard Training Programs

Our standard catalog of training programs can, at no extra cost, customized to highlight specific topic areas or aligned to the client’s industry. We can adjust exercises and sample cases to meet the needs of the client. By doing so, it is easier for the learners to grasp the fundamental concepts and better see how these are applied in their industry and workplace.

Fully Customized Training Programs

Clients sometimes have propriety knowledge or specialized processes that are not readily available in most training organizations. In these circumstances, Crossworks can help the client by performing a Training Needs Analysis to further understand the learning objectives and outcomes of the client. Our team of skilled Instructional Designers then develop customized training package for the needs of the client.

Clients have the option of purchasing the whole training course inclusive of the trainer’s guide and intellectual property ownership or they can have Crossworks conduct the actual customized trainings for them.

Crossworks uses the ADDIE Model in performing training course development. This ensures we have a proper method of developing courses that truly meet the needs of the client.

One advantage that Crossworks has over other training organizations is the availability of In-House Instructional Designers. These give us the capability to develop customized programs.

At Crossworks, there is no such thing as a canned training. Each training is purpose-built for the needs of the client.

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