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Stay positive! We are happy to announce three new ways of learning with Crossworks. Since we all learn differently – and have different challenges to getting quality trainings – we have made these options available to our valued clients.


This is the closest you can get to an actual training without being there. View the live public trainings in the comfort of your homes or offices. Get front row seats in class and see the public training as it happens. Webinar participants also get to ask questions to the trainer and are given individual activities to work on so they can participate in the trainings similar to those physically onsite.

Webinar Access is offered to all public trainings except those that include certification (e.g. ISO 310 CRM, ISO 27001 ISMS LA / LI). You can view our public class schedule by visiting

Online Classrooms

Experience an instructor-led virtual training using courses that were designed specifically for an online classroom. We know that online classrooms present its own set of challenges and so we redesigned our popular courses to ensure they remain fun, engaging, and effective. One of the key design changes was to limit the online screen time of participants and alternate them with individual assignments and supplemental readings. We also included self evaluation exams to ensure participants can check their level of learning during the course.

Currently, we are offering Online Classroom Schedules for the following courses:

We will be releasing other online classrooms soon! Contact us if you are interested in having a specific public course converted into an online classroom format. We’d be more than willing to prioritize if you just tell us.

Self-Paced Learning

Sometimes schedules simply just won’t work. But Hey! We got you covered. We are currently developing self-paced learning modules so you can learn anytime convenient to you. These online learning courses are co-developed with our trainer resource pool to ensure you get the quality expected from our high sought after trainers.

We will be rolling out our first self-paced learning module this June 2020. Stay tuned!

Are you looking for a specific self-paced learning course? Give us a call or email us at [email protected]. We might already be working on it.