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Design Thinking Orientation at First Gen Power Camp

Last June 4-5, 2018, around 30 college students from Metro Manila’s top universities attended the 2018 First Gen Power Camp. Students underwent various sessions regarding the state of the Philippine power sector, the future of energy, digitalization, sustainable development, innovation pitching, up to financial modeling. The highlight session for the camp was a Design Thinking orientation by our very own Joey Mallari. This enabled the students to come up with innovative ideas and a proposed solution to address issues in the energy sector in the Philippines. The Design Thinking approach was used as an anchor to combine all other topics and guide the students to come up with innovative ideas. At the end of the presentation, Joey showed a sample application of Design Thinking used to address problems in the energy sector in Africa. This gave the students confidence that the approach works and can be applied to solve wicked problems.

“Design Thinking is not simply for the IT folks. This is the common misconception in the Philippines.” mentioned Joey Mallari. “Design Thinking is for the organization and can be used by all. It’s greatest strength lies in the fact that it is human-centered and not problem-centered.”

“This is what the students need.” mentioned Sidney Cordero, head of Learning and Development at First Gen Corp. “We do hope that the Power Camp students can build on the topics taught.”

About First Gen

First Gen was incorporated on December 22, 1998 as a subsidiary of First Philippine Holdings Corporation (FPH), one of the oldest and largest conglomerates in the Philippines, that has interests in power generation, power distribution, infrastructure, manufacturing, and property development. It focuses on natural gas, hydro, geothermal, wind, and solar power plants all over the country.

About Crossworks Training and Consulting Corp

Crossworks is a management and leadership training and consulting company based in the Philippines. It is known for its project management, leadership, and design thinking courses which are engaging, effective, and guaranteed #notboring. The company is led by Joey Mallari, The Corporate Mechanic.